DIY Home Maintenance & Repair Videos

Closing day!! You’ve made it through all of the steps to buying and finally the keys are handed over. You open the front door and the furniture is gone, the cabinets are bare and the house is so empty that it echoes. Now you notice the dings in the drywall, the horrific paint color that you hadn’t remembered from the walk through, the broken tile in the master bath and the walk in closet that has no shelves.

Don’t despair, these are all DIY fixes that can be performed by the average person. There are certain tools that need to be purchased, but it’s part of owning a home. I’ll have another blog post in the near future related to what tools the average homeowner needs along with some more specialized tools for the homeowner that may be a little more handy.

How To Patch Small Holes In Walls

How To Patch Hardwood Flooring

How To Build Walk In Closet Storage

How To Monitor A Home With A Smart Phone

How To Install A Kitchen Faucet

How To Paint A Room Like A Pro

How To Replace A Cracked Floor Tile

How To Repair A Paver Walkway

How To Install Smart Smoke & CO Detectors

How To Maintain An Air Conditioner

All of these videos were found on YouTube under the This Old house Channel. Be sure to check them out for more great DIY videos.